Accountability is Key to Success

Accountability is Key to Success

Chathri Ali

Episode Summary

How do you define leadership? How do you lead people to success? Chathri Ali, COO of Recharge Payments, never wanted to be a leader when she was younger. But through time and experience, her professional journey landed her in a leadership role. Chatri believes that her hustle mentality and focus are what brought her success and will keep her team effective and successful. 

"You have to work and show your value at any company you're at. You have to show your impact whatever your role is." - Chatri Ali.


Chatri always held herself accountable for everything that she does. She was always driven and didn't expect anything to be handed to her easily. This kind of attitude has made her successful and is also what she expects from her team. 

When it comes to leading her team, she holds everyone accountable for every goal that they set. If members don't meet those expectations and demands, they are going to hear about it. Chatri believes in open communication and directly acknowledging what's working and what's not. This is what allows them to stay high-performing.

High performing team

Working at a technology company in a high-growth space that must be moving at the speed of commerce, she needs a high-performing team. She keeps her team on their toes by setting new goals every three months. Everybody needs to buy in on the goals for them to work. 

If team members stray, they course correct instantly. That open and honest feedback comes into play to keep the teams in check. Also, everybody knows what everybody else is working on, and that will help motivate people to keep working towards their goals. 

Managing Burnout

Burnout is real, resulting from working too hard and moving too fast to hit goals. This can lead to poor performance and bad behavior that is going to affect the entire team. One of the critical elements in managing high-performing teams is being able to recognize burnout. Chatri highly encourages taking time off work to avoid this, especially for people who have been working non-stop for the past months. 

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