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Push you

Our mission is to provide life lessons and guidance for the next generation of business leaders. We collect stories from inspiring entrepreneurs and break them down into
actionable steps

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BossMove is a fun workshop-style podcast

that will help you set your path to success and chase your goals.
Kison and Shyla setup 30-minute conversations with leaders/entrepreneurs and ask them to lay out their steps to success. Now you can learn and repeat the moves they used to get to the top.


Kison was an ambitious kid who climbed his way up from mopping kitchen floors and washing dishes to becoming a tech company’s CEO.

He’s the CEO and founder of DealRoom, FirmRoom, and M&A Science, providing the best crowdsource-based educational resource and technology solutions to the M&A industry.

Aside from geeking around with finance people, Kison loves sharing the entrepreneurship life lessons he learned along the way.


Shyla is a brand ambassador, producer, and host at M&A Science, the best community and resource for forward-thinking M&A professionals.

When she’s not in school or hosting M&A Science she loves playing Roblox or managing her Shopify store to prepare for Harvard.