Blend Curiosity with Happiness

Blend Curiosity with Happiness

Elena Campbell-Martinez

Episode Summary

No matter which industry we’re in, we know the value of understanding others, learning from our mistakes, and finding ways to innovate. But even if we already had years of experience in the work that we do, and have enough knowledge on certain things, we must always allow ourselves to learn from others as well as time goes by.

As for  Elena Campbell-Martinez, learning is a lifelong journey. Focusing on your achievements and finding happiness in all things that you do must be your priority. But how can we do it? Or where do we start?

Spark Curiosity

They say that “Curiosity is key to learning” which couldn't be more true. Being curious allows our minds to explore new things and lets us discover the answers by trying them ourselves. We should maintain a lifelong passion for learning and growth.

It can be by finding how does it work? What are you trying to achieve?  How do you do things? What works, what don't, and then come up with some tweaks to be better.

Curiosity is about trying to understand other people, what they want, and what they need. As you learn more, you're going to be more effective. - Elena Campbell-Martinez

Focus on the win-win

A win-win situation is when you find that sweet spot or that best-case scenario where everybody benefits and finds value. This is often the case in collaborative projects or environments that nurture teamwork over competition.

According to Elena, a win-win situation benefits both you and your teammates and peers. We are all interdependent on each other in our work, and each person’s contribution is valuable. So instead of harboring a toxic, unhealthy competitive environment, nurture a deep sense of collaboration instead. Now that’s a win-win!

We can all be the winners. And if you look for that and if you're consciously striving for that, you do better in the world. You feel better and you do better. - Elena Campbell-Martinez

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination

Find your happiness  in the journey and not just on the outcomes. While it’s also good to be result-oriented, most of the time, there are things that are out of our control. And there’s nothing we can do but learn a lesson from these experiences and just turn it into our strengths.

Imagine yourself as the person that you want to be. And after you climbed the mountains and walked the rocky path, appreciate how far you’ve made it.

Identify an area that you can improve and make a continuous effort to get good at it. Make it your strength and have this mindset to make it fun along the way. Make the challenge itself part of that journey that you wanted in order to thrive. - Elena Campbell-Martinez
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