Compassion to Amplify Others

Compassion to Amplify Others

Hollie McKay

Episode Summary

No matter what job you have or what field you are in, there will always be problems to face and mountains to climb. Choosing the right job for you is vital to have that sense of fulfillment and achieve the goals you've been dreaming of. To find joy in it, pursue your passion, and be disciplined. Be compassionate not just for yourself but more so for others, and mindful enough about the things that matter most to you.

For Hollie McKay, a journalist, and war crimes investigator, finding a job where you can pursue your passion is fulfilling. To succeed despite the hardships, you must keep your momentum going. And having this kind of momentum allows you to build the foundation for a movement bigger than yourself. This is precisely what happened to Hollie - her passion for storytelling and journalism has allowed her to have a platform that serves as the voice of the voiceless and draw awareness on some global issues that require massive action.

Draw from compassion to guide you

How can we genuinely apply or show compassion in today’s world?

Hollie utilizes her platform as a journalist to draw awareness on global issues. It isn't easy and requires a passion for helping and listening to people but she tries her best to be their voice. 

Learning to listen, sharing their stories, and advocating for them creates a connection no one else can find anywhere.

Take other people's stories and tell them in a compelling way. - Hollie McKay

Let discipline compel you 

Self-discipline is all about finding compelling reasons to do something and being committed to do it. Doing your job also requires control, commitment and even sacrificing what you have. 

Motivation fuels self-discipline, so find what inspires you. It’s having the right mindset to fulfill your goals while still being mindful to take breaks and avoid burnout.

Discipline is soldiering up and doing it. It's pushing through the moments where you don’t want to do it. - Hollie McKay

Welcome support and encouragement

According to research, having a good support system will benefit you in many ways like improved well-being, coping abilities, and alleviating depression and anxiety. 

As for Hollie, it’s important to not completely lose yourself in the work that you're doing. At the end of the day, we’re still humans and it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes.  No matter what kind of work we have, we all have our own personal and professional challenges to deal with. 

Having somebody not involved in your field or industry to listen and give advice can keep that much-needed balance in your life.

It's important to have friends that do things that are completely different to what I do. - Hollie McKay
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