Dealing with Haters and Failures to Build your Dreams with Hayley LeBlanc

Dealing with Haters and Failures to Build your Dreams with Hayley LeBlanc

Hayley LeBlanc

Episode Summary

We are amazed with the young celebrities we see on TV and with famous vloggers on YouTube.  But how did they get there? What are the things they did to get there? For Hayley LeBlanc, a 14 year-old American Actress, YouTube Star, Singer, and Author, it was not an easy journey. To become an actress, she has to audition many times and experience failures on the way. She also received hate comments on YouTube. But she didn’t stop. “In order to become successful, you have to fail.” This is what Hayley realized earlier than other teens at her age.

“Never give up. Learn from your failure.” - Hayley LeBlanc

Be Consistent

At a very young age, Hayley started filming YouTube videos with her family, Bratayley. But unlike other vloggers, they did it to keep up with her dad who was in the military and with her family who are across the globe. As expected, their family started watching but they did not expect that a large number of people would watch their videos. Hayley has her own YouTube channel too, which was named after her.

As a YouTube Star, posting videos every single day is just too much but positive comments and people liking their videos really helped her to stay consistent on showing up. As of today, Bratayley has 7.23 million subscribers. She calls it a “happy little accident”. Consistency is the key.

Think Positive

The one thing that Hayley struggles the most is hate comments. It’s so easy to say “just ignore hate comments, don’t mind them”. But hard to apply this good advice especially if hate comments are said right into your face.

“Take what people are saying in order to build you.” - Hayley LeBlanc

Some people think that it doesn't affect people but words can hurt you too. According to Hayley, you can use what people are saying about you almost as constructive criticism, even though it isn't because constructive criticism is nicer. It helps you improve in some areas. 

Enjoy Childhood

Don’t be too focused on what you see on social media. You will see young people today scrolling on their phones and thinking what to share in the online world. Children are growing up too fast.

“Turn off your internet and take a second and be a kid. ” - Hayley LeBlanc

Try to be at the moment. As children, we don't really care about what everyone else thinks, but when you get older, you start to worry about what other people think. Enjoy your childhood before you lose it. Stay a kid a little bit longer.

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