Embrace Life as Your Authentic Self with Victoria Jancke

Embrace Life as Your Authentic Self with Victoria Jancke

Victoria Jancke

Episode Summary

If there is one thing in life that is true, it is that life is short. Time passess by in the blink of an eye, and that any moment could be our last. In 2017, Victoria Jancke, Actress, Model, Speaker, Host & Fempreneur, almost lost her life in a horrific accident. At the age of 27, she realized how short life is and that she should spend it following her dreams. In this article, Victoria is going to be talking about how to embrace life as your authentic self. 

“Being authentic will make you happier and will attract the right people into your life” - Victoria Jancke

Be Authentic

As a model, Victoria was always told how to look, how to behave and how to eat. She got too thin, she was not allowed to spend time with her friends and she wasn’t enjoying her success. Even when she developed a passion for acting, people always told her that she was too tall to be an actress. 

As soon as she realized that she needed to live her life on her own terms and be authentic to who she is, that's where her life changed.  When she started to stand up for herself, she became happier, healthier and got more jobs. 

“Love the things that make you special. It’s boring if everyone looked the same”  - Victoria Jancke

Her advice to young people is to follow your dreams and be happy with who you are. You shouldn't listen to other people on what you can and can't do, because in the end, it’s your life, and you should always go for your dreams.

Be Grateful

But despite all her success, she tries her best to stay humble and grounded. She does this by being extremely grateful about her life everyday. Every morning before she gets out of bed, Victoria thinks about the three things that she's grateful for.  

According to her this makes her appreciate life much better which gives her more energy for the day and also contributes to her success and happiness.

Challenge Yourself

For continuous growth in her career and as a person, she always likes to challenge herself. We all need to step out of our comfort zone in order to grow. What Victoria does is write down her goals and the things that she wants to do in life that she hasn't done before, and make it a habit to do what’s listed. Victoria believes that we all have bad habits, and that we should make it a habit to create new habits and drop the bad ones.

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