Empowering Your Employees

Empowering Your Employees

Dane Sanders

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In modern business, efficiency is less about the latest technology, having the right tools, and using the most organized systems. Workplace efficiency relies on the most basic element: how people relate with each other. We can see this in innovative companies like Google.

According to Dane Sanders, CEO at Tell Me Your Dreams, any organization - no matter the size, can improve their workplace culture. They can boost productivity by empowering employees and to build strong relationships and healthy engagements.

Great Conversations

Talking and sharing ideas is the foundation of every personal or professional relationship. Today’s leaders usually have an open-door policy. They leave their doors “open” so their employees could stop by, talk casually and share ideas.

However, it’s not about open communication. You need to have great conversations in your workplace to have a culture geared for success. You can tell a conversation is great if it’s neutral, curious, and honest.

You need to create a space where good conversations happen every single day. - Dane Sanders

Great conversations impact decision-making and culture in the workplace. To achieve that, you need these three elements: intelligence, sincerity, and kindness. Create a culture at work where these elements are nurtured.

Support and Motivation 

Money isn’t the only thing that motivates people. In fact, it’s becoming a rising trend for employees to choose incentives that are recreational and collaborative. These can be things like team dinners or more days off for vacation. 

Employees have a tendency to run out of steam when all they do is work. Especially when they don’t receive the right training or tools to help them do their work. Not only that, if your workplace is all business and not pleasure, you’ll end up with soulless zombies who are only showing up for work because they simply just have to. This is not the type of work culture that will give the best results.

We provide a lot of support for our employees because we ask a lot from them. We want to make sure they don’t experience burnout and that they’re in a position of strength as they work. - Dane Sanders

Employees need to be recognized and supported. To address this need, companies provide executive coaching to help people discover and understand their interests and passion outside the four walls of the office. 

Dreams and aspirations

Ultimately, dreaming is the greatest driving force for any employee. These dreams can help employees define who they are now and who they want to become. Developing this practice and feedback system gives them life outside of work and motivates them to give their best to achieve their dream.

Encourage your team to dream, and they'll work wholeheartedly with you. And if they do leave in the future, you will be the person who empowered them to chase their aspirations. - Dane Sanders
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