Flipping Your Approach to Success

Flipping Your Approach to Success

Lindsay McCormick

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Every person is unique and has different perspectives and preferences in life. But when it comes to achieving success, we often land on common ground - wanting everything to be perfect. With this mindset, we struggle to move forward.

While it makes sense to do things right, try to flip your approach. Look at another perspective, visit another possible angle. Later on, you can see how to approach success a different level. You’ll learn to help yourself succeed, as well as other people.

Lindsay McCormick, sports broadcaster and journalist shares four strategies to help flip our approach to success:

  • Accept your perfectionism as a helpful tool
  • Fill in the gaps of your weaknesses
  • Find your creative way around No’s and closed doors
  • Take care of your health

Don’t let perfectionism limit you

Perfectionists find it hard to accept that there are things they can’t do impeccably the first time they try, so instead of going on it again, they just give up and do something they know they’re good at.

However, in business, you can’t just toss away the opportunities you don’t want to do. You have to get used to getting things done rather than getting it perfectly right. Failure to comply will make your business suffer.

One way of dealing with it is facing it head-on. Shift your mindset from thinking that you can’t do it, to thinking that it just takes time to learn how to go about it. Instead of just sitting on the sidelines, get to work. You’ll realize that in the long run, you have accomplished more. 

Another way is to look for someone who can do the work for you. Find the right person who can overcompensate for your weakness. In the end, this will bring success for everyone, and you’ll reach that goal of perfection.

Flip that mental approach that “this has to be perfect” because some of the greatest things are just relatable. - Lindsay McCormick

We believe that when we dream, we must aim high. Because of this, perfection will never be out of the picture. Although it’s not impossible to work for it, we should always remember that not everyone likes impeccable things. Most of the time, people prefer having more realistic and candid outcomes that they can relate to. 

Shifting your mental approach will help you see and realize that to do things perfectly, you need a different approach because it might not be achieved on your own, on your first try.

Fill in the gaps of your weaknesses

It’s easier for us to identify our strengths rather than our weaknesses because it’s more comforting to know that we are good at certain things. However, these weaknesses also play an important role in our journey towards success.

Although it takes great courage to share your weaknesses with the people you work with, it helps in making great outcomes. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure. because when you force yourself in doing things you’re not good at, you’ll end up doing twice the work with substandard outcomes.  

In business, we must surround ourselves with the right people who can do what we can’t do best. They will be the ones to fill in the gaps of our weaknesses. If you’re not good at bookkeeping and you love thinking about creative ways to market your company’s product, don’t force yourself to do the bookkeeping. Find someone you work with or hire someone who loves doing it and who’s good at it. It’ll be a win-win for both of you and the company.

Be challenged by the few no’s and closed doors

Rejection is inevitable, and everyone in the world has experienced this. It’s rare that we get to achieve what we have worked hard for. But the no’s that we receive and the closed doors that we face should not hinder, nor stop us from reaching for our goals. 

Some people take rejections personally and seriously. But, we have to remember that aside from the uncountable no’s we receive, we’ll eventually hear the delight of gaining a yes someday. And when you look back at what you have gone through, and all the no’s you heard, you’ll realize that there’s a reason behind it. 

Most of the time you realize it wasn't something you did wrong. It was just that they wanted something opposite of you; they wanted something different. And then you just have to say it wasn't meant to be. - Lindsay McCormick

Once you have received a no, it’s hard to just let it go. You have something in you that yearns for an explanation. So rather than just forgetting about it, might as well ask why you received a no so, you’ll learn how to make things better the next time you do it.

Get enough sleep and take care of your health

No matter what business you have or how much money you have, nothing is as important as your health.

There’s no doubt that most people, work very hard to achieve their goals. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our health and well-being. Sometimes, because of the eagerness to accomplish more, and to surpass other people’s achievements, we tend to forget to take time to sleep and rest.

Obsessing over your goals and pushing ourselves too hard causes more harm than good. We need to keep a good balance of taking action towards our goals while also taking care of ourselves.

You really have to take care of your health because you'll notice it in the quality of your work, too. You won't get behind if you take seven hours to sleep at night. - Lindsay McCormick
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