Overcoming the Odds of Diversity

Overcoming the Odds of Diversity

Sharae Moore

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A huge point of progress: women are everywhere! We see them commanding industries and building industries of their own. And quite literally, they're everywhere in the country – driving trucks. Sharae Moore makes sure to shake things up in the trucking industry by ensuring diversity and inclusivity for women. Sharae is the Founder and CEO of S.H.E. Trucking. And by her side are Dr. Erica Bass-Flimmons of Preserving Capital Solutions and Jerri Banks, Board Member of S.H.E. Trucking and Owner of Life on the Road Recruiting and Transportation Services.

Our goal is to continue making sure that the industry is diverse and we're included in the trucking industry. This is a male-dominated industry, but as we know, women are joining and coming into the industry every day. We're changing the meaning of trucking. - Sharae Moore

This is Sharae's mission when she came up with S.H.E. Trucking. She wants to build diversity around industries and professions that typically don't empower women. For Sharae, Dr. Erica and Jerri, you can't break barriers and overcome the odds without community, resilience, and resistance.

Serve others

To go far, you need to travel with a pack. And this is what you naturally build when you're willing and able to serve others – a community.

These women leaders built precisely that in the industry by supporting each other and thousands of other women in trucking. For Jerri, if you're willing to serve others and support each one of you, you'll have a mind-blowing connection with people across the country.

One of the concrete ways your team can help and support your organization is by supporting each other's goals and establishing accountability with one another. Having accountability partners is the key, says Sharae. They make sure you have your eyes on your goal and you're doing the tasks necessary to achieve it. They hold you accountable as you also share with them your goals and expectations.

You can't move forward without having accountability partners in your life - or even just taking accountability for your actions. – Sharae Moore

Learn to pivot

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and households in innumerable different ways and most probably for the years to come. COVID-19 showed the utmost importance of learning how to pivot in the industry and with the times. It underscored the symmetry of adaptability and survivability for businesses.

This is also true with the technological advancements in this expeditious society. Businesses have to let go of their tight grip on traditional marketing methods and ride the course of social media and other digital platforms.

You have to be willing to evolve with technology and to make those changes and adjust when the world changes so that you won't get left behind. – Dr. Erica Flimmons.

And when we're talking about survival, the clock always ticks. You need to pivot, and you need to do it at the right time. All you need is to be open-minded, keep on thinking forward, and continuously acquire knowledge.


Being a woman leader in a male-dominated industry, or even in any other industry, is not without a struggle. This is in addition to the intersectionalities of class, race, and ethnicity. This is why showing resistance in life's adversities is crucial for these three women to become victorious in the industry.  

The decision to stay on the course of your business or goal is simple but never easy. But there'll always be hurdles in the way that you need to overcome. You have to keep getting back up and keep on going. And you'll develop and strengthen your resistance with every failure you overcome.. From this resistance, you'll find growth.

If you're in a roadblock, don't worry. Look for the detour and go around it to accomplish your goal. – Sharae Moore.
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