Rigidity as a Creativity Killer

Rigidity as a Creativity Killer

Wendy Heilbut

Episode Summary

Of all the notable characteristics to have for success, like hard work, talent, dedication, and discipline, creativity is the most fun and equally complicated.

We may have different definitions of success but the ability to be creative and discover our passion gives us that feeling of fulfillment. 

According to Wendy Heilbut, Founder and Managing Partner at Jayaram Law, we must allow our creativity to flow by letting in as much flexibility and having room for change and discovery. By doing this, we create a legacy and pave the way to fulfill our passion, something that can never be forgotten and can be passed on to others.

Don't Be Too Strict

When you are passionate about something, make sure to keep getting better at it. Since we're all creatures of habit and products of routine, we tend to gravitate towards following a set of strict rules and policies to guide us and keep us in order. And this isn't wrong. 

But sometimes, if we fall into the trap of being too strict with our rules, we lose the beauty behind discovering something new. There's magic in the journey of exploring, writing fresh thoughts on a blank piece of paper, and seeing new ideas be born.

You must always try to explore, learn, and be flexible about new things to gain experience and knowledge. We all have the freedom to create and innovate so we must balance spending all our energy on the regular things we do and giving ourselves time to be creative.

Rigidity is the death of joy and creativity. - Wendy Heilbut

Creating Powerful Connections

You also need to avoid keeping it to yourself and just staying within your circle. The saying "your network is your net worth" is a cliche for a reason - it's because it's true.

Wherever we are, we meet different people, and we learn, connect, and relate with them. Whether at work, in the neighborhood, at school, or online, building relationships with others will allow us to grow as an individual and develop our social skills.

Continue to be passionate about connecting with people because knowing their stories can inspire us to work harder, be smarter, and share our own set of skills to let them take the lead and encourage them.

Surround yourself with people you respect, and you find smarter than you. - Wendy Heilbut

Elevate Learning and Lead From Behind

Allow more flexibility in your leadership style by elevating the learning experience for others. If you know that you have the skills to teach, allow yourself to share your knowledge with your peer, friends, or workmates. If you're a business CEO, empower your employees to be better with their job, and everything else will follow. 

When you empower your workmates and your team by leading from behind - which is playing to a person's skill set to allow them to take on a bigger role and command the situation - you are taking something off your plate, and it's a win-win.

Trust your people and believe that they can do it, and you'll witness how they can grow in their ways and learn to stand up after every setback they face. So, do not lose your passion for teaching and empowering because this might be what our world needs. 

Don't just delegate; teach and empower. - Wendy Heilbut
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