Sacrifice for Success

Sacrifice for Success

Henry Lopez

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It’s easy to talk about being an entrepreneur. Most people have the desire to solve people’s problems and start a business. The hard part is taking the first step, putting yourself out there, and investing money and time into that idea. However, the real challenge comes after that. The real challenge is when you have to start making sacrifices. Sharing his experience sacrificing for success is Henry Lopez, Business Owner, Small Business Coach & Consultant.

“When you have to start doing the work, which is when you have to start making sacrifices, most people disappear” - Henry Lopez.

As a coach, Henry has seen his fair share of people who refuse to sacrifice. Most of the time, when things get hard, most people quit. You need to learn how to sacrifice if you want to get anywhere.

According to Henry, a huge part of sacrificing ties into delayed gratification. As a society, we have been programmed to have everything right now instantly. So when people have this idea to start their own business but are not in a financial position to do it, they end up not doing it. They feel the need to keep their day jobs and will get stuck in that rat race. Learning how to sacrifice your ambition and start small is the first step towards your goal. You don’t have to start big all the time. 

Sacrifice also applies to the entire family. Working late nights, especially if you are keeping your day job, will diminish your time with your family.  Families also have to be supportive and make sacrifices for you to find success. 


But, before you can sacrifice anything for your business, you have to want it bad enough. Alongside the willingness to sacrifice, you have to have perseverance, says Henry. 

You will have a lot of setbacks, failures, and roadblocks in your journey to success. You will only be able to go forward if you persevere in fighting through challenges to achieve your vision and purpose. This is what most people lack. 

Henry’s biggest advice is that you get in the right mindset of persevering when you are starting out. If you think there is so much to be done, break them down into steps. What are the top three things that you need to get done in a week? Focus on that so you can keep the project moving. Know how to prioritize tasks because prioritizing will paralyze you. 


Last but not least, learn how to sacrifice your ego. Take responsibility and accountability for your failures, and stop pointing fingers at anybody. If you know how to embrace your wins, you should embrace your losses as well. 

Also, it’s a mistake to let ego get in the way of getting help on areas you are not very good at. Henry himself gets coaching from other people, and he is not afraid to admit it. It is important to understand that acknowledging you need help is not a sign of weakness. 


Sacrifice goes hand in hand with success. If you want to succeed in the world of business, you need to make the necessary sacrifices. And with perseverance and accountability, you will ultimately achieve your goal. 

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