Synergistic Collaboration with Jenn Gotzon, Creator of The Farmer and the Belle

Synergistic Collaboration with Jenn Gotzon, Creator of The Farmer and the Belle

Jenn Gotzon

Episode Summary

With our fast-paced world that is constantly evolving there's always room to grow. And there's no better way to grow than to find someone who's better than you and learn from them. If you surround yourself with people who have the same skills as you, you will not evolve. According to Jenn Gotzon, Creator of The Farmer and the Belle, there is power in synergistic collaboration. And that is one of her top principles to success. 

“Our goal should be to align ourselves with someone who is a professional and is excellent in their craft because that's when it's iron sharpening iron.” - Jenn Gotzon


As an actress, Jenn believes heavily in collaboration, and that you should always collaborate with people who are more experienced than you. If you're just collaborating with people who have the same experiences as you, you will not grow exponentially. 

Whether you are hiring someone or partnering up with your peers, it is important that you find an expert in their field so you can both learn from each other. What's most important is that your collaboration involves open, honest and clear communication. 

Out of the Box Thinking

Jenn also likes to think outside the box. She believes that everyone should not be afraid of doing something different, especially in the field of acting. And when you think you lack creativity, you should collaborate with other people who are gifted. We are all created differently, with unique skills that only we possess. 


Lastly, she has strong faith in God. When she wakes up every morning, she starts with a worship song, then reads scripture, and then go into prayer journaling praying to God with four key steps:

  1. She praises God 
  2. She seeks forgiveness for anything she might have done
  3. She thanks God for every opportunities and Blessings
  4. She asks her questions to God.
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