Taking Tenacity to the Next Level

Taking Tenacity to the Next Level

Eugenie Bondurant

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Sometimes, being passionate is not enough to reach a goal. You need an extra load of hard work and determination.

We don’t always get opportunities to work toward our dreams, but if you keep building yourself up, there's a higher chance for you to succeed. You have to remember that persistence pays off.

You may not get immediate results, but what’s important is that you keep going.

Eugenie Bondurant, an actress from New Orleans, Louisiana, highlights three things to succeed in our chosen field: 

  • Be honest with yourself and with others, 
  • Don’t beat yourself up, and 
  • Be tenacious 

As an actress and a mentor, she noticed that when new talents used these three strategies, they get to win. Let's discuss each one. 

Be honest with yourself and with others

It's hard sometimes to be honest with ourselves because we think we already know who we are and what we're good at. Yet, how we view ourselves is not always valid because we’re only seeing one side of the coin. We need others to tell us about ourselves and how we are doing.

In acting, there are certain requirements set for different roles. It’s one of the reasons why some actors are not given much work. Although they are kind, loving, and sweet in real-life, the aura and persona they exude are what matters. 

Being aware of the requirements of a particular role or position you are applying for is very important. So, do not think as if you are not good enough for the role, you don’t fit the need for that.

The same thing goes for other industries. When you’re given a chance to pitch your idea, and it doesn’t get approved, it doesn’t always mean that you’re not good enough. Acknowledging these things, and being honest with yourself and others will help you keep going.

Don’t beat yourself up!

According to Eugenie, it’s tough to accept things we can’t achieve because we are not always at our 99%. There are times when we do not get feedback from what we have done or reasons why we did not win at something. This is where we start doubting and blaming ourselves for not doing our best. 

Instead of beating yourself up, build yourself up! Look at the positive things that happened, and the good things that you have done or learned. 

We've got to be incredibly optimistic so that we can continue going and continue trying again. - Eugenie Bondurant

Small wins, such as being able to propose an idea or getting in an audition should be your focus because they keep people going. Acknowledge your progress, and keep in mind that these small steps will lead to your big success one day.

Having a routine would help you become optimistic because you get to focus on what you’re going to do next and not think about its results yet. When you achieve something, it becomes a delightful surprise that would make you more eager to achieve things again. Eugenie called this a “part of the yummy process.” 

Be tenacious

Tenacity is our driver towards success. If you are not determined to achieve your goal you won’t get there. 

Doing everything you can to get closer to it is being tenacious. We may not get to it easily, but the steps we take matter. Opportunities are not always available for everyone, so you have to find one yourself. You can try other areas of your chosen career. 

For example, in acting, you can try doing theater, voiceovers, or radio theater. There are a lot of available opportunities waiting to be found, and your determination will bring them to you.

You’ve got to put the time in and the results will happen. It may not happen exactly on your time, but it will. It will be evident. - Eugenie Bondurant

No matter how bad you want to achieve something, you have to persevere and be patient. Find other ways to make yourself better. So that one day, you will be able to fill up your resume with these great and varied experiences.

If you want it, it's out there. You can get it. - Eugenie Bondurant

If there’s a will, then there is a way! It’s not impossible for you to succeed if you are tenacious, honest and if you keep on going despite all challenges.

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