The Power of Curiosity and Being Around The Right People with Brendan Kane

The Power of Curiosity and Being Around The Right People with Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane

Episode Summary

Back when we were a child, we were full of curiosity. But as we grew up, that eagerness to learn was gradually disappearing. We should not let that happen, as it is a key ingredient to success. This article talks about the importance of curiosity and how to surround yourself with the right people, featuring Brendan Kane, an outside of the box thinker, Speaker, Author, and Founder and CEO of the Hook Point Agency.

“Getting good at anything takes a considerable amount of practice and discipline.” - Brendan Kane

Constantly Be Curious

Brendan is an avid learner. He loves to learn how things work, break them down into their simplest form and then figure out how to scale and grow them. That’s how he knew everything about social media.

He believes you can get some base-level knowledge from a book or school, but the real practice is when you go and do it. Application is the most crucial part of learning. Persevere when things get tough, and don’t give up no matter how difficult it gets.

“Learning is everything. The more that you learn, the more that you realize you don't know anything” - Brendan Kane

Admit you don’t know everything. Curiosity is what drives Brendan to keep growing. Seeing how things work and how they operate help him learn more about them.

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

In addition, you can learn from the people who are better than you. First, be clear about who and what you want to be, then find individuals with similar viewpoints and learn from them. For instance, if you want to be good at chess, it’s best to go out with kids that play chess rather than hang out with kids who party every night.

“People struggle to achieve the level of success that they're going after because they don't push themselves to surround themselves with people that are going to make them better.” -  Brendan Kane

However, motivation is not always high. Therefore, we must learn how to respond when our cause is low. Brendan believes that people around you can support you in pushing your motivation up. You must surround yourself with the right people because they will significantly influence you.

Be Different

“If everybody's wearing a white shirt at school and you show up with a red shirt, you're going to stand out.” - Brendan Kane

If you want to excel, stand out. No matter what you want to do, what business or passion you have, understand how everybody else communicates and then communicate differently.  There are 4 billion people on social media, pushing 200 billion pieces of content into the world every day. Break the pattern of how other people express their message. You must be unique to stand out from the crowd.

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