Unlocking Life's Lessons Through Failure with Roger Clark

Unlocking Life's Lessons Through Failure with Roger Clark

Roger Clark

Episode Summary

We all experience failure in our lives, no matter what we do. Facing these moments of adversity can be complicated and overwhelming, leaving us feeling defeated and discouraged. However, we can learn from these failures and use them to grow and develop as individuals. Roger Clark, an Irish American Actor, and Voice Actor best known for the character of Arthur Morgan in the 2018 video game - Red Dead Redemption 2, knows firsthand the power of failure and how to turn it into a positive learning experience.

Tenacity and Consistency

Tenacity is a powerful trait that can distinguish between success and failure. It means a solid determination to succeed, even when things become difficult. Having tenacity is an essential quality for anyone aiming to become successful in life. 

“Consistency and tenacity will greatly, massively increase your chances of success because if you’re prepared to fail every day, eventually you're not going to.” - Roger Clark

In life, we’ll get lots of failures and setbacks, but once we’ve had enough, we will eventually start to find a way to approach it differently, which will often help. Consistency over the long term is vital. Do one thing every day to pursue your goal.

Look at the Big Picture and Be Grateful

Roger has been a successful entrepreneur for so many years. He knows from experience that when making any business or career decision, it's essential to look at the big picture.  It's about being mindful of making decisions and weighing them carefully before taking action. Then make sure that you give it your best and be thoroughly committed.

Gratitude is fundamental. If not to achieve your success, then definitely to enjoy and appreciate it. Many people have told Roger, “You never know who you're going to meet on the way up, but you will probably meet them again on the way down. So make sure you treat them kindly and with respect, everyone.”

Take Back Your Control

When Roger doesn’t achieve something he wants, he always asks himself, “What's in my control? What can I do, and what can I do to learn from this?” then he focuses on that.

“I acknowledge the things that I can't control and put them in the back shelf of my head  and prioritize the things that are actually within my power.” - Roger Clark

Failure can be so scary and often paralyzing. You have to be prepared to fail; if you fail, you have to learn from it objectively. That is what's going to yield the best results and the best education.

“Failure is a great teacher. You shouldn't be afraid of it as much as we often are sometimes. Don't be afraid of failure.” - Roger Clark

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