A System to Achieve Any Goal

This Move is designed to establish a working, dynamic internal system that will help you achieve any goal.
Michael Sacca

About the Move

Audacious goals are there to motivate you to push harder and be bolder. But sometimes, these same goals paralyze us and our team to move and make meaningful steps forward. Use this Move to establish a systematic organizational process that will motivate and drive you and your team towards your goals.

Setting the Move in motion:

Break it down

Make ambitious goals, lay down what success looks like. This will define the direction of your team. Now, break it down to key performance indicators and set your end goal aside. These small goals are simple enough to be achievable but challenging enough to ensure your company's growth. 

Follow up

Consistency is the most crucial part of building a system. Be consistent enough in targeting your metrics, that it becomes a team habit.

Be accountable for one another. Create a culture that follows up on one another by setting up weekly meetings to assess progress or accountability checks. 

Be around

Lastly, don’t give up. One reason why startups fail is that they give up too soon. Don’t aim for that quick hit, just focus on being around.

Be patient with your goals and focus on velocity. Make an honest assessment of your progress. If you find that you’re not hitting your performance indicators, it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. It simply means you’re not growing – and that’s definitely workable. According to Michael Sacca, most opportunities come to the people who are in the game the longest. So aim for consistency, longevity, and steady growth. Spend the time to hire the right people, build a culture you can be proud of and excited to work with and continue that growth.

The Operating System for Success

A successful leader doesn’t leave success on the matters of chance. In this fast-paced world, one of the key abilities that will set a leader apart from the rest is the ability to see and create order from chaos. It may take them painstaking years, even decades, but these leaders believe that success is a slow and steady craft. One of these leaders is Michael Sacca, External Vice President and General Manager of Dribbble.
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