Building and Keeping a Powerhouse Team

This Move is designed to build the best team for your business and keep them motivated.
Lil Roberts

About the Move

Even the best leaders can’t bring their business and organizations to success without the help of the right team behind them. You will know you have the right people if they are supportive of your goals, bring in the right resources, and contribute to the business’ growth.

Use this Move to help you create and motivate a powerhouse team for your business.

Setting the Move in motion:

Make your lifestyle productive

A good leader orchestrates the rhythm and melody of their team. They keep everyone in motion and make sure they are always up to the beat. As a leader, productivity starts with your example.

Build a productive lifestyle by making sure your habits, routines, and discipline leads you to the growth that you need to achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to do the hard work yourself.

Create a hiring scorecard

Make sure you hire the people that best fit your ideal team by first identifying your business needs. You can use this as a score card or guide in making sure the person you hire matches your expectations.

Going further, you can ensure your applicant is compatible with your needs by maximizing interviews to get to know their discipline, the way they organize themselves, and priorities in life.

Communicating Your Why

Keep yourself and your team motivated by ensuring you’re working for the right reasons. Sometimes making money just won’t be enough to keep your team motivated.

Identify one relevant thing that you want to contribute to your community or a problem that you want to be solved using your business, to keep you grounded and motivated to push forward.

Critical Elements for Success

Take it from Lil Roberts, Founder and CEO at Xendoo. She’s a leader-entrepreneur with a passion for people who has dedicated her life to helping small businesses and startups.
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