Commit and Deliver

This Move is designed to implement and follow through with your plans and programs
Park Howell

About the Move

Planning is the exciting part, it’s the doing that stumbles people. So after setting up your amazingly designed and beautifully worded vision boards, make sure you’re ready to actually take action. 

Getting from vision to result takes commitment, which then entails focus, dedication and discipline.

Setting the Move in motion:


Narrow down which things require your commitment and need to get done in a certain period. You don’t have to overburden yourself by attempting to accomplish ten things when getting two things done will do. 

Document these tasks or plans that need your action. By listing it down, your mind is already processing it as an action to be completed. It’s already half the battle.


After each plan is set and action is committed, make sure you’re ready to follow through. A vision remains just that - an abstract plan - unless you take the necessary steps to execute it.

See it through

Resist the temptation of taking the easy road to accomplishing something. Respect the need for something to grow or be processed. Do not undercut the time element needed for something to come into fruition. 

Part of your plan is setting aside a period for evaluation and analyzing collected data. It will help solidify your plan and make you see all vantage points associated with your vision.

Components of Commitment

Park Howell believes in applying time-tested, albeit painstaking practices that harness commitment and build a strong foundation for virtually anything you aim to accomplish.
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