Discovering Your Passion

This Move is designed to explore and establish your passion in life.
Kunal Kapoor

About the Move

Knowing what your passion is isn’t as simple as it seems. Some spend their lifetime chasing their passion, while countless others don’t get the privilege of knowing what it is. To even scratch the surface of a person’s passion will unleash a myriad of potential -so why stop there?

After you’ve discovered what your passion is, the next key element is to actually apply it.

Setting the Move in motion:

Constant Communication

It helps to verbalize what it is you are passionate about. It doesn’t do you any good to keep everything bottled up inside. Much like in physics, passion that’s not cultivated nor communicated is like potential energy. It’s stationary. You need to put it into motion.

Communicate with a peer, mentor or support circle what it is you are passionate about. This then becomes, again to borrow the physics term, kinetic energy or energy in active movement.

Being able to communicate your thoughts, goals, and plans sets things in motion and essentially brings your passion into a reality.

Long-Term Perspective

It takes time and effort to explore and cultivate your passion. Even the process of identifying what you’re truly passionate about takes time. 

First step is to be aware of what interests and excites you. What gets your blood pumping? What keeps you up at night? What can’t you simply live without?

Understanding your interests allows you to hone in on what matters to you. Where do you find yourself spending time and energy? Which interest truly excites you and gets you planning ahead and looking into the future?

Discovering your passion is a long game. Everything that matters takes time to build, curate or form. But if it’s something you’re truly passionate about, time is not an issue. As they say, anything worth having never comes easy and is worth waiting for.

The Power of Passion

In this pilot episode of BossMove, Kison and Shyla interviews Kunal Kapoor, CEO of Morningstar. Kunal came from India and started at Morningstar when they were a small company. He found an affinity and belief in the mission of Morningstar, which motivated him to embrace opportunities that no one was interested in.
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