Embracing the Courage to Change

This move is designed to help you find and have the courage to be open for changes and improvement in your leadership.
Jason Lippert

About the Move

It’s easy for leaders to point out and help others learn because they get to observe the people they work with. But when it comes to themselves, they find it hard to identify, or even accept the fact that they have things to improve on. We can’t actually blame them because they were doing this as their job. However, it’s not an excuse to avoid and accept criticisms and changes. This is where courage becomes an integral part of improvement. 

Setting the Move in motion:

Practice courage

As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” This may be true for courage because being exposed to several challenges will help you get used to doing something unusual.

Most of the time, people try to avoid doing what they fear or what they do not want. But to be courageous, you have to challenge yourself – allow yourself to do the things you haven’t done before, even if it’s something you are afraid of.

Doing things out of your comfort zone will actually bring out the best in you. It will help you see what you are good at, as well as what you need to improve on. Therefore, practicing courage is a must for everyone, especially the leaders.

Be coachable

It’s not easy to accept criticisms from others because people, especially leaders, have established their credibility, not only to others but also to themselves, as someone knowledgeable. People always want to stay in good light and avoid their blind spots.

If we always hide behind the things we are good at, we will never improve. So, open yourselves to criticisms, and use them to shine a light onto your blind spots. 

Look for a mentor as early as possible. It’s good to learn from experienced people because they have the best lessons and stories to share most of the time. Then, ask for feedback and reviews. Shedding light to what you should work out on brings you closer to becoming a better leader.

Step into it and take it to the next level

You’ll never go anywhere if you don’t start somewhere. Being courageous does not start and end with knowing what you are to improve on. You need to do something about them.

Actually, you don’t have to tackle and do all the things at once. Leadership and leadership improvement is an ongoing journey. Take your step one at a time and make sure you are moving towards your goal of being better. 

No matter how long it takes you, as long as you are improving, it’s fine. It’s not a race or a competition that you have to win. Find your pace, work in peace and you’ll be able to take it to the next level.

Level Up Through Strong Relationships

According to Jason Lippert, President, and CEO of LCI Industries, it takes courage, effective communication, and servant leadership to build trusting relationships. With these, it’s not only the leaders who will improve but also the business culture and well-being of the team. Eventually, you will be able to reach and create an impact on a lot of people and transform their lives.
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