Growth Sourcing

This move is designed to generate opportunities for yourself that you otherwise would not have.
Thom Singer

About the Move

Whether you are lost or want more growth in your business, you can always use the power of communication. Crowdsourcing ideas and opportunities from your network of friends can unlock limitless possibilities for you and your business. 

The goal is to generate as many ideas as possible from different people and points of view that you would not have otherwise. Also, you are letting people know about your business, which will open up connections and opportunities for you in the future. Use this move if you want to seek growth and opportunities proactively.

Setting the Move in motion:

Proactive Communication

Talk to one smart person every day. Within your network, talk to the people that you think are smart, successful, and trustworthy. After you have exhausted your network, have your friends refer you to their friends. Talk to them about your problems or goals, and ask them if they have any ideas on growing your business.

Active Listening

After seeking advice, listen intently. You have to let the other people know you are interested in what they have to say, no matter what you think about their idea. They also might have ideas that you have already thought of. But regardless, active listening is crucial if you want to maintain relationships with people.


Assess their ideas objectively without bias. You can also mix and match other people’s ideas to form one great idea or opportunity for yourself.


All of these are useless if you don’t act on an idea or opportunity. Once it has presented itself, take action. If it's a good opportunity, grab it immediately.

Claw Your Way To Success

As a professional speaker and master of ceremonies for corporate events, Thom Singer's career went from robust to almost zero when the pandemic hit. So what did he do to claw his way back to success?
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