Improving Yourself

This Move is designed to increase your capabilities.
Amanda Boleyn

About the Move

Studies show that we are only using less than a third of our full capacity. There are numerous ways in which we can push our own boundaries and stretch our potential. But there’s also a limit to what we can only consume proactively, and excessive learning can be counterproductive.

Setting the Move in motion:


Practice being mindful of your thoughts and actions. The comfortable move is the succumb to the status quo and thinking you don’t have a choice in your given circumstance. What you’re failing to acknowledge is that you’re able to change the course of your actions by taking ownership of them. That way you can prevent self-sabotage, being in denial and playing the victim card - all of which are highly negative traits that will hinder your personal and professional development.


We are our best assets, so it’s only natural that we invest in ourselves. Give yourself time to rest, learn, train, network, heal, create, plan and innovate. 


Too much of everything is never good, even when it comes to learning. We can be unkind with ourselves and try to jam all the new-age philosophies, teachings, tips and hacks to success. Before we know it, here comes the overwhelm and we’ve burned ourselves out to the point of no return.

Avoid over consumption by choosing one area of focus or learning at a time. Give yourself space to learn and the breathing room to take a break.

Pushes and Pulls to Reach Your Potential

Amanda Boleyn, CEO at She Did It Her Way, talks about ways we can build up our momentum towards reaching our full potential.
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