Making Continuous Self-Improvement

This Move is designed to help you expand and strengthen your interests, skills, and knowledge.
Tonya Ladipo

About the Move

There is no one-size-fits all formula to improve oneself. But, there’s a guiding principle that could help you make gradual but constant changes to increase your chances to be successful. This principle centers around staying out of your comfort zone.

Setting the Move in motion:

Know your capacity

In order to have an effective plan for self-improvement, you should know where you’re starting from. Know your capabilities by having an inventory of your expertise and skills set.

From here, assess each one and look for signs or indicators that you’ve improved on them in the past years. If you find yourself confident with your skills, but stagnant in progress, you’re in your comfort zone. This is where you should challenge yourself and step out.

Expand your network

Stepping out of your comfort zone starts with looking at your environment. You are essentially learning from your closest relationships.

To see if your current circle encourage you to improve yourself, reflect on these questions:

  • Am I just facing the same routines and programs with the same team over the years?
  • When was the last time I explored something different?
  • Do I feel smarter than my peers?

And when you realize you’re talking and doing the same things comfortably each day, it’s time to expand your network. Intentionally adding new people who can challenge you - those who are more experienced or  have expertise in the field.

Ask for criticisms

People often dodge criticisms and only accept affirmation. The problem with this approach is that areas of improvement are often overlooked. Ask for criticisms and direct feedback from your team, superiors, peers, and even family members. Directly asking eliminates the fear of being judged and allows you to mentally prepare yourself ahead. 

The Importance of Discomfort

Tonya Ladipo, CEO of the Ladipo Group, invites us to a paradigm shift and seek the uncomfortable every day.
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