Nurturing and Refining Culture

This Move is designed to nurture a positive and solid organizational/group culture.
Dr. Ivan Misner

About the Move

Culture isn’t built from nothing. Its fundamentals include systems, traditions, processes and core values that all add to its efficacy and lasting impact in an organization.

The formula for a strong culture is two-fold: cultivating and keeping.

Setting the Move in motion:

Cultivating culture

The core values that you live by and practice in your business become your culture. Focus on the inherent, non-negotiable values and principles that your organization lives by. These will dictate how you will run your business in the present but more importantly for decades to come.

Culture shifts - but not drastically. Otherwise you’ll run the risk of alienating elements that made you successful.

Championing culture 

Primarily, the leaders of an organization have to be the culture champions. They not only embody it, but promote and even create excitement around carrying it out across the board. 

Businesses can roll out an educational campaign to make sure the company culture is deeply inculcated into the DNA of the organization. This could include having employees take tests to see how well they know and understand the core values or do one-on-one refresher sessions. Other simpler forms of culture reinforcement could take place during regular meetings or as part of the training curriculum.

Creating a Strong Culture

Success can be as elusive in business as it is ubiquitous in every business conversation. What are the principles we can apply that will lead to individual and collective success? Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization, New York Times bestselling author and hailed the “Father of Modern Networking” by both Forbes and CNN, highlights three guideposts to success through having a strong, well-defined culture.
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