Optimizing your Company

This Move is designed to optimize your company and create a culture of success
Randy Silver

About the Move

Most organizations believe they are already doing a good job. Some companies don't even know what to do to optimize their business. Use this Move and assess your company if you still have room for improvement and how you can optimize your company's true potential.

Setting the Move in motion:

Hire the Right People

Most leaders make the mistake of hiring people who think and behave like them. Diversity is extremely important and has a direct impact on productivity. The more perspective you have, the more creative your team will be. 

Have the Right Process

Some companies have too much process to barely have time to do the actual job they are supposed to do. Nobody enjoys their work when this happens, no value is being created, and everyone is not hitting their goals. Communicate with your team and identify which part of the workflow you can improve.

Prioritize Properly

Everyone in the organization must know what should be prioritized so they can all work together in one direction.

Map out your entire process from the top. Start from the Vision statement of the company and work your way down. What are the goals that you need to achieve that vision, and you will see your organization's processes and what needs to be prioritized. 

Public Perception

If everyone has the same perspective of what success looks like for the company, then they all have a reason to work together and prioritize the same things. 

Communication is key to everything. You need to articulate to everyone what you are doing, why you are doing it, what success looks like, and how everyone can contribute to that success. This is how you optimize your company for success.

‍Optimizing your Company

How do you drive success to your company? Randy Silver, Director of Out of Owls, uses four principles to optimize companies and create a culture of success: People, Processes, Prioritization, and Perception.
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