Producing the Right Solutions

This move is designed to help you produce solutions as a product, service, and content.
John Lee Dumas

About the Move

In the hustle and grind culture, we have the tendency to lose the real meaning of productivity and how it stems from “producing” something of value. Thus, to be a productive and successful entrepreneur, you need to produce solutions to real-world problems. In doing so, people will rely on your products, services, and content for the best solutions. 

This move will help you identify actual, relevant problems to solve, and come up with the right solutions that will address people’s needs.

Setting the Move in motion:

Identify the problem

Productivity is all about producing. The question is “what should you produce?” Start by a thorough situational assessment of real-life issues that consume people. What are the pain points that need actual, viable solutions?.

Identify the problem by reflecting on these questions:

  • What problem affects me and many people around me the most?
  • Do I have the skills and expertise to solve this problem?
  • Am I passionate about solving this problem?

Have a plan of action

Identify how you can solve this problem. Will the right solution be a product or a service?

Create a plan of action by listing down the steps you need to take, milestones you need to achieve, and resources you need to have in order to concretize your solution. Once you have a plan, commit to it and execute.

Focus on the solution

The world is full of distractions and demands. This is the exact reason why you need a plan of action to keep you guided and help you prioritize.

Try committing to your number one goal for 100 days. This will get you to a traction of momentum, that will lead you to results one after another. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed with tasks, prioritize.

Redefining Ways of Work

The journey to success poses the challenge of going against the current, questioning norms, and defining your own terms. Take it from John Lee Dumas, host of the award-winning podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire, who says that in the era of grind and hustle, it's time to redefine ways to work.
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