Progress over Perfection

This Move elaborates on steps to help you make meaningful and consistent progress.
James Schramko

About the Move

Successful people don’t dream about perfection. They want progress – to grow. Being in the lifelong process of growth and development means you’re always open for innovations. Being dynamic is especially important in the fast-changing online world.

How can you achieve progress? By consistently asking questions for the purpose of knowing, understanding and applying. Act  promptly to avoid procrastinating or further delay to the detriment of actually achieving a goal or accomplishing a task.

Setting the Move in motion:

Question things

Dive into curiosity as much as you can. Good questioning begins with questions of how’s and why’s. This Socratic method of questioning encourages people to question the things they were told and look beyond the obvious. This curiosity will lead you to breakthroughs and opportunities.

Going into meetings, prepare a set of questions intended to widen your perspective and help you perform your role well. Don’t settle for just doing because you’re told to - prompt a peer or supervisor about a part of the process that seems odd to you. It may be the process improvement everyone is waiting for.

Execute early

Taking the first version of things early versus the perfect version of something later on will give you the opportunity to learn and adjust as you go. This approach is especially beneficial in online business platforms wherein landscapes and trends change frequently. If you’re not dynamic and if you can’t innovate your idea, you’ll get left behind. 

A simple application of this step is to conduct the required action to get a plan or goal going. You want to launch an app? Go out and actually work with designers, coordinate with content creators, and prepare the marketing activities instead of getting stuck on crafting the perfect deck or presentation for the app.

Progress over Perfection

When people dream about being successful, most talk about having a perfect life or the perfect business. But here’s the catch: successful people don’t dream about perfection. They want progress – to grow.
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