Progress Starts with Preparation

This move is designed to give various ways to prepare yourself as you reach your goals.
Daniela Ruah

About the Move

Everything in life needs preparation. Although some things are better done spontaneously, when it comes to our goals, we need to have them planned because the more preparation you have, the better results you’ll get. Daniela says, preparation is the ultimate key to your success because it gets you ready for everything you’ll face throughout your journey.

When you are prepared, you don’t need to wait for somebody to get you that job and experience it. You’ll already have ideas on how you can do things. However, as we progress towards success, we may still encounter something new. Therefore, preparation for unforeseen situations is also important.

Use this Move to learn how you can prepare yourself for the challenges you will face as you go through your journey towards success.

Setting the Move in motion:

Gather as much information about it as you can.

When we’re preparing for the work that we are passionate about, it’s important to have knowledge about it - those that we can learn from reference materials such as books and podcasts.

One thing you can do to gather information is to read materials about your chosen field which can help you discover and learn its details. You may use biographies, encyclopedias, textbooks, articles, and journals as your references.

Podcasts and videos are also helpful, but with the access, everyone gets to the internet, not all information you find there is reliable. So, make sure that you only watch videos and listen to podcasts from reliable sources.

Attend classes and workshops.

Aside from the information you’ll learn, you’ll also experience how it works when you attend classes and workshops because they provide hands-on activities and tasks.

Make sure you sign up for classes and workshops that are really related to your field.

Find someone to look up to.

Looking up to someone is a good way to be prepared because they give you a clear image of what you could possibly aim for, and how you can deal with challenges that you’ll encounter.  

Be observant and pay attention to your environment.

Once you are able to work within the area of the field you have chosen, make sure you observe how others are working. This will give you tips on how you can do your part better so that everyone finishes working easily, and with great outcomes. 

Spend hours into practice.

Daniela mentioned that she read from Malcolm Gladwell’s book that it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert on a certain field. Therefore, putting time into practice by going through on-the-job training, workshops and seminars, may it be in the professional field or the classroom, really helps getting you ready for progression in your chosen endeavor. 

So don’t waste time, and get to work.

Cultivating Your Planted Roots to Thrive

Daniela Ruah, American-Portuguese actress from NCIS: Los Angeles, believes that everything we’ve been through since childhood helped planted our roots which needs tending to grow and bloom as we succeed.
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