Putting yourself forward

This move is designed to help you identify strengths, overcome weaknesses, and use these to pursue opportunities.
Olga V. Mack

About the Move

Many will share their best hacks and most efficient routines, but one of the most important skills for success is much closer than what most people realize. It’s being able to put yourself forward.

This Move will help you have a stronger sense of self, embrace authenticity, and leverage yourself forward and then upward to your goals.

Setting the Move in motion:

Resolve insecurities

Many people suffer from self-doubt and being plagued with a lot of insecurities - most are irrational, some are a bit justified. . You may also use these to keep yourself in check for improvements. But, these become counterproductive when you don’t attempt to address or resolve them.

Start resolving insecurities by identifying and enhancing unique skills, talents, and interests. If you can identify your insecurity, familiarize yourself with it through repeated exposure. 

If it’s your voice, for instance, practice and record yourself speaking.

Insecurities often stem from a level of unawareness. Observe objectivity when receiving feedback and criticisms. Ask for facts and observations, not judgment from yourself and other people.

Lastly, if you constantly find yourself silenced by insecurities, seek professional help. This will help you objectify thoughts, and come up with viable strategies to overcome issues.

Look for intersecting interests

We all have our natural inclinations, acquired skills from past experiences, and passions.

Observe your personal and work environment and reflect on these questions:

-       Are there things here left untouched in the field?

-       Are there a few things here that I haven’t done yet?

-       How do I apply my aptitude in these areas?

Once you notice these things and identify your strengths and weaknesses, you can show up for yourself by actually acting upon them.

Go after opportunities

Turn these inclinations into opportunities by learning, contributing, and leading.

Educate yourself by observing leaders in the field. Listen to what they talk about and read a lot about your interests and passions. Then proactively reach out to them to be a part of their conversations, and collaborate if you can. You may also share your insights and observations – actively contribute to the field while learning.

By doing these things, you’ll find yourself with accumulated knowledge and skills in a specific field. It will open new doors of opportunities. This is the smartest way to learn, the coolest way to network, and the quickest way to lead.

The Strength of a Defined Identity

Olga V. Mack, CEO and Chairwoman at Parley Pro, joins us in this episode. Olga believes that embracing yourself, is the best way to achieve success in the most fulfilling way.
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