Setting Boundaries

This Move aims to guide you in building a healthy work culture by establishing boundaries.
Johanna Faries

About the Move

Setting boundaries is one of the most important things in a healthy workplace culture. It defines the line between the leader and the team, and the team members among each other. These boundaries help safeguard time and energy, while encouraging productivity. But setting them could be easier said than done.

Use this Move as a guide in creating and maintaining boundaries in your workplace.

Setting the Move in motion:

Define Your Non-Negotiables

Giving our best at something does not mean we are ought to give out everything. If that’s the case, then people will be left with nothing. Same thing goes with boundaries. These boundaries filter your decisions based on your values. To set them up, first define the things you’re not willing to compromise - or your non-negotiables. Some examples could be: Time for your children, income brackets, and work-life balance.

Say No

Once your boundaries are identified, cement them by saying “no”. This two-letter word is a powerful tool in making people aware of your non-negotiables and priorities. Be consistent with your no’s to the point people will just be aware of the line you’ve drawn.

Put Them in Practice

Honor your boundaries by putting them into consistent practice. Practice weighing your decisions with your boundaries as the scale. Know their pros and cons, and how these will affect your non-negotiables. Will this promotion help you achieve your financial goals? Will this reassignment lessen your time with your kids?

This decision-making process could be challenging, but once you’ve identified and practiced your boundaries, it will lead you to a life you envision for yourself.

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