Solidifying Your Goal

This move is designed to set an attainable goal.
Joe Pulizzi

About the Move

You can’t proceed with anything in life without a goal. The problem is the goals being set are unrealistic and unattainable, leaving you with more discouragement and despair than actual accomplishments.

Avoid being stuck in a goal-setting sinkhole by applying the 3 R’s.

Setting the Move in motion:


There’s just something satisfying and calming about writing things in black and white. Just seeing them written down gives so much clarity and direction.

Make sure you write down your goals and put them somewhere visible or easily seen. Assess your goals frequently and be prepared to adjust them based on your current circumstances if necessary. This level of flexibility enables you to come up with goals that you can actually achieve without lowering your standards.


The power of repetition is unbeatable. Malcolm Gladwell explains the concept of 10,000 hours in elevating your skill level into almost perfection. And while you don't actually need to perfect your goals, repeating them to yourself will help not only commit them to memory but align your every thought, action and decision towards achieving them.


This step requires you to focus on things that can only help you towards the attainment of your goals. This means that anything else that doesn’t contribute to that move are barriers to success and therefore need to go.

Time-Tested Truths About Goal Setting

What's the value of writing down your goals? Joe Joe Pulizzi shares the three R’s in setting up your goals, establishing an exit strategy and having the right support system.
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