Start Within and Influence Others

This Move aims to make clearer, intentional goals within yourself and take control of the process of meeting them
Gene Hammett

About the Move

Somewhere along the way, leaders tend to get swept up by their schedules, tasks, and short-term goals. This is often where they get stuck. Pausing to reflect deeply creates within you a momentum that could pull you toward what you envision. That'll give you the powerful force you need to commit to the intricate process of development and influence others especially to inspire your team.

Setting the Move in motion:

Pause to reflect

Take time to meaningfully reflect on the impact you want to make in your life. Be keen on the gap between where you are now and the vision you have. Assess if the steps you’re taking are headed toward that goal. List down your weaknesses, challenges and opportunities you’re foreseeing. 

If this vision is clear, you can start looking at the milestones along the way. You’ll be certain you’re on the right track.

Commit to the process

Transform this vision into concrete actions by embodying the role you need to be in order to achieve your goal. When you know your role, you’ll know the personal goals you have for yourself.

Own your goals

Avoid blaming difficulties and failures to other people and circumstances. This could easily fall to the pattern of victimhood. Every challenge is yours to struggle for, fix, and overcome. The next step? Share the responsibility of meeting your goals with your team. Let them own your vision. 

From here, growth will be exponential.

The Powerful Force of the Internal Mindset

This is the discipline that Gene Hammett, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Core Elevation and Leadership Columnist at Inc. Magazine, lives by. Gene believes in investing time and effort in looking inwardly and reflecting on our own thoughts and actions to yield game-changing outward results.
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