Strengthen Your Mind

This move is designed to guide you on how to set your mind and focus on your goals.
Steven Pesavento

About the Move

The journey to success is something that starts from within. In achieving goals, mindset is a foundational piece for you to start building the rest of that success off. Having the right mindset will determine your decisions, actions, and results.

This Move will help you set your mind,  build focus, and strengthen your capabilities to ensure efficient work and impactful results.

Setting the Move in motion:

Check your mindset

Your mindset is your system of thoughts and beliefs that guide your decisions. When you have a mindset for success, it will translate into your actions and, later on, outcomes that may completely impact your goals.

To assess your mindset, start reflecting on:

  • How do you respond to challenges? Do you see them as opportunities?
  • How do you react when facing risks – retreat or explore?
  • What guides your decision-making?

Be ultra-focused

If you do many different things, you’re running the risk of not accomplishing the goals you’ve previously set and wasting time and energy along the way. This is why being ultra-focused on your goals is extremely important.

Start by defining clearly what you want and set a direction towards that goal. Break down that goal into actionable steps, and systematize:

  • By building habits that’ll develop into a daily pattern or a driver to push yourself
  • By creating the conditions, in your workplace for instance, will reinforce your habits. This could be in the form of deadlines, sticky notes, time and project management apps.

Get a coach, mentor, or a partner

Train and strengthen yourself as you pursue your goals. One of the game-changing ways you could do this is through mentorship, coaching, or partnership.

A mentor is someone who’s successfully been down the path you want to take. They have the experience and they can show you how they were able to do it. A coach, on the other hand, is somebody who’s the best at getting the best out of people in order to push them to be successful in their goals. You could also have an accountability partner who can commit to checking on your progress.

Success from the Inside Out

Steven Pesavento, President and Trusted Advisor at VonFinch Capital, challenges us to work from the inside out. For him, the most ambitious goals are achieved when you start from within, go with support, and make outward impactful results.
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