Training the Brain to Focus

This move is designed to help you discover ways on how you can get yourself back on track and be focused.
Laurette Rondenet

About the Move

People are like browsers with tabs left open when new ideas pop in. It is very easy to get lost in the ocean of ideas, especially when we’re trying to achieve so many things at once. But unlike computers, we cannot just close the other tabs and go back to the main topic.

Use this Move to try different ways and help yourself to focus and get back on track.

Setting the Move in motion:

Set your purpose

It’s vital for people to know why they have to do such things because if not, it would be impossible to even get near the idea of focus. We only love to do the things that make sense to us. Like in school, when studying about the arithmetic aspects of Algebra, some students wouldn’t even bother listening nor understanding the lesson. 

The answers to the question “why” is very important in getting people to focus. For starters, doing a brain dump by journaling or having your work planner ready early in the morning or as soon as you start work will help you narrow down which tasks or goals you need to get done.

Eliminate distractions

We usually underestimate the things that could prevent us from concentrating. It may not be as easy as it is, but we must put an effort to remove, if not, lessen these distractions. 

One way of dealing with this is to find your peaceful place. Whether you are about to think or decide about something, or do several tasks or school work, having your own personal quiet space will help you zone in to what you have at hand.

When doing focus work, get rid of cell phones, social media, console games, and others that aren’t related to what you are going to do. This way, you’ll only be left with what you really have to do.

Know yourself

We are all unique individuals; we have our own preferences, strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. When dealing with focus, we also have different techniques and practices.

The hedgehog concept, usually applied in business, can also be used to develop your ability to think. This allows you to think and get to know yourself as you identify what your passion is, what you’re best in the world at, and what drives your economic engine.

Pay attention to your thoughts

People normally seek others' opinions, but most of the time, we forget to filter the information we get. These “others” may know us personally, but no one knows you better than yourself. It will definitely help you when you choose to listen to them, but it won't put you at peace because your own ideas and opinions will still linger on, until you do something about it.

To get a better shot at focusing, apply these five quick steps or filters:

  • Listen to instructions especially during team meetings
  • Reflect on everything that is on your plate
  • Acknowledge that not everything can get done
  • Select which tasks to work on or which goals to achieve
  • Collect data so you can know which tools to use or work methods to apply

Trust as the Road to Success

Laurette Rondenet, President and CEO of Edlong Corporation, encourages us to change our perspective and apply these principles to success. Laurette believes that whoever's closest to the situation needs a voice at the table.
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