Being Self-aware

This move is designed to know yourself and be more self-aware.
Tayo Rockson

About the Move

Self Awareness is one of the most important things in life. It helps you become a better leader, a better person, and will help you to continue to improve yourself and become a successful entrepreneur. 

This move will help you assess who you are as a person and identify your biases, triggers and core values in order to be more accountable in your actions and create a better culture.

Setting the Move in motion:

Assess Your Biases 

We all have biases, whether it's good or bad. It comes from 3 things.  

  • Story - religion or something you read
  • Fear - repeated bad experience
  • Avoidance - you don’t like talking about difficult topics

To assess, start asking yourself:

  • Is it possible that I’m wrong?
  • Do I truly believe in this? or is this something that someone just told me? 
  • Is there another way to look at this?  

Identify Your Triggers

Your body will always tell you if you are afraid, excited or happy. We are all very reactive and we need to be more reflective.
To Identify, listen to your body when you experience triggers. Ask yourself:

  • Why am I feeling this way?
  • Is this something that I truly feel? Or do I feel like this because this is what is expected of me?
  • Do I need to overcome this feeling? Or do I need to change the environment?

Know Your Core Values 

List down your 5 core values. This will help you identify your strength and weaknesses so you can be more accountable on your mistakes.

Change Starts from the Core

This is the invitation Tayo Rockson, President and CEO of UYD Management, brings to the table. Coming from different cultures, having diverse experiences, and vigor to make a difference, Tayo brings us back to what’s important. To be meaningfully successful, he takes us back to the essence of core values.
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