Bringing value to to drive success

This move is designed to understand other people's motivation and bring value to them.
Bob Burg

About the Move

Doing business with people relies on the three-pronged method of know, like, and trust. To be successful, you need to switch from taking value to bringing value. By providing them value, they get to know your business, like you as a business owner and leader, trust in the quality and reliability of your output or service, and spread the word so others too can do business with you.

Setting the Move in motion:

Giving Value

A transaction should be value-based and not solely monetary. Without ignoring the bottom line, both parties must benefit from doing business with each other.


It’s not enough to get people to do what they have to do. There’s a certain level of encouragement needed that takes the quality of output from required to inspired! And in order to influence people, you must understand first where they are coming from, what excites and interests them, and what strengths and weaknesses they have that they can bring to the table and improve on to deliver desired results.

Receiving and Accepting

Always open doors to getting feedback and suggestions. It’s the best path towards holistic development. Learn to listen and embrace what others have to say - this is an exchange of opinions that led to optimal value.

The Exceptional Value of Giving

How do you drive success? While other people think of skills and values they used to succeed, Bob Burg says success is all about understanding other people's motivation and bringing value to them.
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