Building Yourself Up

This move is designed to help you stay confident and positive despite the mistakes you made and challenges you’ve encountered from the past.
Eugenie Bondurant

About the Move

Many of us experience hardships - may it be internally or externally. Some used to beat themselves up when they don’t get what they wanted and they often doubt themselves because of the failures they’ve encountered. To some, this may be helpful, but only to a certain point - knowing your mistakes. We can’t actually avoid these things, but we can do something to make ourselves feel better. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, we can review our mistakes to look at what we can do to build ourselves up and use it as an opportunity for us to grow and expand our horizons.

Many of us experience hardships in life and career. While most are aware that it's all part of the game, some of us still tend to beat ourselves up. We doubt our decisions and think that it's our end game. It's not.

What if instead of focusing on what went wrong, we turn it into a learning experience? Review our mistakes, take what we learned to build ourselves and use it as an opportunity to grow.

Use this Move to learn how to build yourself up despite hardships.

Setting the Move in motion:

Don’t beat yourself up!

We are humans and we always make mistakes.

However, we have this habit of torturing ourselves when we don’t achieve something we have worked hard for. Instead of doubting yourself, use it as a learning curve and think of other ways on how you can use it to get to the next level. 

Be optimistic. 

Our point of view matters in all the things we do. Despite the downfalls we experience, looking at positive angle of your situation.

It’s just like when you were given a chance to propose something to a prospective client but were rejected. Instead of feeling down, focus on the idea that you were the one who was given the chance to pitch, which means that your company trusts you.

When we acknowledge the little things, we get to enjoy the journey towards our dreams.

Acknowledge your progress.

Sometimes, reaching our dreams might take us twice as long as the others, not because we’re not good enough, but because we are being prepared for a bigger one. What matters most is what you do while you work your way towards success.

Although not everything we do gets us an express ticket to our dreams, it’s important that we get to acknowledge what we have done so far. Look back and be proud of our accomplishments.

Make a habit of listing down things that you've achieved or done correctly. This way you can  reflect on how you overcame challenges and what are the elements and character traits that helped you get to that level.  Remember that we all have our own timelines and you just have to be patient to reach success!

Keep going.

It’s not enough to just be optimistic and acknowledge your progress because you won’t get to your destination if you don’t keep going. This is a big deal because it’s harder to move forward when you have something bothering you.

For instance, in applying for a job, you don’t just send in your resume to one company and wait for the outcome. You apply to as many as possible to get more chances of being hired.

Aside from looking for other ways to get your goal, you can also create your own ways to get closer to it. Sometimes, what we are aiming for becomes distant because we don’t get enough opportunities to achieve it. It’s like going for a trip but discovering the road towards it is closed. Will you stop and turn back? Or will you find a way to make a detour.

In reality, we don’t get our breakthroughs easily. But while we wait for it, we have to build ourselves up and keep going. Try other areas in your industry that would help you expand your horizon and be better.

Taking Tenacity to the Next Level

We don’t always get opportunities to work toward our dreams, but if you keep building yourself up, there's a higher chance for you to succeed. You have to remember that persistence pays off. You may not get immediate results, but what’s important is that you keep going. Eugenie Bondurant, an actress from New Orleans, Louisiana, highlights three things to succeed in our chosen field. As an actress and a mentor, she noticed that when new talents used these three strategies, they get to win.
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