Creating a high performing team

This move is designed to keep your people on their toes and create a high performing team.
Chathri Ali

About the Move

If you have a special project or a transaction, you need a high performing team. A high performing team is a group of people that is highly skilled, collaborative, and focused on achieving a specific goal for a period of time. Use this move if you want to create a high performing team.

Setting the Move in motion:

Setting Goals

The main characteristic of a high-performing team is goal-oriented. Set clear goals every three months on what it is they need to achieve. After three months, you can set new goals or correct the team if they have strayed from the original goal.

Weekly Meeting

Keep the team aligned by having weekly meetings. It allows the team to collaborate and work together and keep everyone aligned on your goal.

Honest Communication

Create a feedback mechanism where everyone can share their thoughts and feelings without any judgment. This strengthens the bond of the team.


Managing burnout is a huge part of a high-performing team. Rest should be encouraged to avoid mistakes. Take breaks when necessary and after achieving goals and milestones.

Accountability is Key to Success

Chathri Ali, COO of Recharge Payments shares how accountability is driving her team to reach company goals
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