Cultivating Positive Discipline

This move allows you to reach success by having the right attitude, mindset, and practicing discipline that motivates instead of restricts.
Hollie McKay

About the Move

Discipline can be cut both ways. On the one hand, applying discipline allows you to be productive and organized, achieving more and having better results. However, rigid discipline that doesn’t give room for understanding and compassion for others can be counterproductive and result in a physically beaten up and emotionally battered workforce.

Aim for the kind of discipline that produces a positive impact. Instead of unnecessary pressure, it should provide order and harness skills and capabilities rather than point out mistakes and instill punishment.

Setting the Move in motion:

Be clear

When setting ground rules for people to follow, make sure that they’re actually applicable and easy to follow - with easy meaning everyone can understand and know the importance of that rule.

One area where this can crop up is out-of-office communications. As an organization, communicate your guidelines properly to let people know what is expected of them in terms of office correspondences when they step out of the office - or in the age of remote work, when they log off their computers.

Be concise

Don’t use policymaking as an opportunity to confuse your team even further with big words and long-winding explanations for the rules. The simpler they are, the easier they are to follow.

Consider having a simpler employee handbook that’s easy to read and digest, and an omnibus for a more comprehensive application of office rules.

Be consistent

To nurture positive discipline, avoid having random rules that only apply to some and not to everyone. In the spirit of fairness, office or work rules should be reliable and not erratic. 

For instance, having coffee Fridays regularly helps decompress your team and allows for team dynamics to be nurtured. But don’t just do it one week and then abandon it the next. People like routines and the reliability of information and events, and having things change too often, especially without prior notice, messes up their orientation of rules and discipline. 

Compassion to Amplify Others

Choosing the right job for you is vital to have that sense of fulfillment and achieve the goals you've been dreaming of. To find joy in it, pursue your passion, and be disciplined. Be compassionate not just for yourself but more so for others, and mindful enough about the things that matter most to you. For Hollie McKay, a journalist, and war crimes investigator, finding a job where you can pursue your passion is fulfilling.
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