Harnessing the Power of Your Small Wins

This move allows you to appreciate your achievements - big or small - and focus on them to reach success.
Elena Campbell-Martinez

About the Move

Small wins equate to bigger achievements. By continuing to do what you’re passionate about, setting a proper mindset, and learning from your failures, your wins can grow more day by day!

Setting the Move in motion:

Track and take note of your wins

Every day, we set goals for ourselves to achieve. We try to do as much as possible because we believe that taking a break or wasting time can do no good. But there’s nothing wrong with taking a pause to breathe.

We can achieve so much in a day. It can simply be by accomplishing something on your to-do list instead of letting procrastination win. Or by cooking healthy food instead of settling for a takeout. These kinds of wins are small, yet they can do so much for our health, mindset, and overall wellbeing.

Celebrate It

Winning doesn't automatically imply a healthy and successful career. You're more likely to overlook everything else along the way if you only focus on the idea of winning instead of taking in lessons and experiences.

Take a moment to consider how you define success. By having the right mindset and focusing on your goals, you can see how much progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come. Your little victories are also worth celebrating so don’t be too hard on yourself!

Instead, recognize your small wins and celebrate them by keeping a simple journal. Others use apps for monitoring their goals.

Learn from It

When we experience setbacks, many of us immediately focus on our failures. We tell ourselves all the time that we're not good enough because we hold ourselves to a high standard.

Instead of keeping that negative energy and self-talk, consider giving yourself inner compliments. Experiencing failures are inevitable and there are just some things that are out of our control. So instead of discouraging yourself, keep a positive mindset and focus on the learnings and possible things you can do to be better in the future.

Blend Curiosity with Happiness

As for Elena Campbell-Martinez, learning is a lifelong journey. Focusing on your achievements and finding happiness in all things that you do must be your priority. But how can we do it? Or where do we start?
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