Hurdling Through Struggles

This Move aims to develop resilience in adversities, both in life and work.
Sharae Moore

About the Move

The most beautiful and moving success stories are not without challenges and obstacles in the plot line. In fact, the hardest struggles make the strongest leaders. Use this Move to know how to be resilient and how to create a supportive community in life and work.

Setting the Move in motion:

Mentor one another

Empowered people empower each other. Create a community whether in your office or through social media that could be a venue for mutual support and motivation. You can also set up mentor groups and have accountability partners in your organization to keep each other accountable with their tasks and goals.

Follow your vision 

Make a vision board containing your long-term goal and the steps to get there. You can strategically place this on a spot in your home or office you can easily and regularly see, to motivate you always of your goal.

It’s not enough to keep this by yourself, share this with your team and work community. Make an encouraging atmosphere around it.

Think open and forward

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries and households in innumerable different ways and most probably for the years to come too.  

You can only keep up with the fast pace of business if you keep an open mind and keep thinking forward. Maximize learning tools at your disposal to acquire knowledge about your interests and your field of work. Read books, listen to podcasts, and do your research.

Overcoming the Odds of Diversity

A huge point of progress: women are everywhere! We see them commanding industries and building industries of their own. And quite literally, they're everywhere in the country – driving trucks. Sharae Moore makes sure to shake things up in the trucking industry by ensuring diversity and inclusivity for women.
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