Making Sacrifices

This Move is designed to highlight the principles of endurance, accountability and delayed gratification.
Henry Lopez

About the Move

When talking about success, fewer people choose to look at the path of sacrifice. Who can blame them when reveling in the rewards is much more appealing? However, everything that’s of value always requires you to give something up.

Setting the Move in motion:


Albeit not necessarily physically, have the endurance and discipline of an athlete. The road to success is never without challenges and setbacks, but what separates winners is their ability to withstand the pressure and hardships, keeping their eye on the prize and pressing on.


Waiting is not always procrastination. It’s about understanding that things that matter take time and not giving in to instant gratification.

Step up

Every member of a team must know their roles and responsibilities. Having a clear system encourages people to take responsibility for their key areas and results of actions. Being responsible takes sacrificing your time, energy and ego - three things that are essential to create synergy.

Sacrifice for Success

Are you willing to sacrifice in order to succeed? Henry Lopez, Managing Partner at Levante Business Group says sacrifice is essential to success.
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